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Hi! I’m Mina and this is my brother, Jack!
He’s kind of annoying and follows me everywhere.

I would love for you all to meet my family. We’re a pretty tight knit bunch. My mom teaches “yogurt” classes, which means she’s usually home, stretching on her favorite mat. My dad is very involved at the ‘un’ which is fun because we get to travel around the world we get to learn about all sorts of exciting new places and people! And my brother…? Well, he helps out when he can.

Life is great! Not long ago our Dad took us on our first big adventure to North Africa where we stopped a gold thief from stealing the gold! From then on it was pretty obvious: Dad needs to bring us everywhere!

Future Episodes

Each future episode will be structured on 3 core pillars:


Each episode revolves around a new global destination, exploring and showcasing the local culture

Guest Characters

Mina and Jack will encounter a new “guest” character in each episode (e.g., Prince George).


Mina and Jack will help solve fun cases that help their father with his UN agenda.


Contact Us

For inquiries contact: Hans House Productions
Lauren Martin ( 610-513-7922 ) or email: lauren@hanshouse.co

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